Massage in Karlovy Vary

Come and relax to get rid of stress I offer you to indulge in a pleasant Tantra massage that you will enjoy in our comfortable massage studio. This relaxing and full body massage includes not only an oil massage but also an energetic head and face massage. Gentle touches of the female hand give you a sense of security, increase confidence, relieve pain, anxiety, but also depression, allowing you to forget all the worries of everyday days.

Welcome to the world of deep massage relaxation

Immerse yourself deeply with traditional massage techniques.

Relax and rejuvenate with fresh massage therapies designed to soothe your spirit, mind and body.

100% natural oils

I offer these body massages:

Tantric massage
Energy sensual massage
Exotic coconut massage
Relaxing massage
Thai oil massage
Ayurvedic oil massage
Swedish massage

Bio fragrance-free coconut oil will delight all who benefit from the beneficial effects of coconut oil, but do not like its aroma or taste.

it is good to take a shower before the massage, the muscles relax and warm up and the body is ready to enjoy the massage.

In addition, you do not have to take a shower after the massage, thus prolonging the effect of the massage oil, which lasts several hours after the massage.
Relaxing music will also make your relaxation more enjoyable throughout the massage